Editing ECU-files on Ford and Mazda vehicles

August 3, 2023805

Previously we talked about how to disable errors on Honda vehicles, as well as editing firmware on Nissan and Infinity. Now it's time to introduce you to the possibilities of editing ecu files for Ford and Mazda.

Disabling errors or entire systems in the ECU of Ford and Mazda is often a problem for many auto repair shops. In the process of working with electronic control units of these cars, many questions and problems may arise with solving algorithms and disabling them. Thanks to accumulated experience working with these cars, MMC Flash has managed to automate these solutions and now ECU adjustment for Ford and Mazda is available in automatic mode.

Right now in the MMC Flash catalog, ECU adjustments for gasoline Ford/Mazda are available for the following blocks:

  • Bosch MED17X/MEDG17X
  • Continental Ems 22XX/23XX/24XX/25XX
  • Ems2204
  • GreenOak SilverOak
  • Bosch Mg1 (TC27X/TC29X)
  • Visteon ESU-1XX/ESU-4XX

For these blocks, you can edit ECU systems in a couple of clicks and get a verified, working ECU file with adjustments made for systems such as: Euro2, EvapOff, EgtOff, EgrOff in just a few minutes.

Besides disabling entire systems, with MMC Flash you can disable errors on Ford and Mazda ECUs. Currently, there are more than 3000 errors available for deactivation.

Firmware for Ford and Mazda vehicles allows you to change the settings of the electronic control unit of the engine, which can lead to an improvement in the characteristics of the car that may deteriorate over time.

Try the ease of editing Ford and Mazda ECU files on the MMC Flash service right now:

Go to editing Ford/Mazda

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