What you should know about the individual calibration service.

July 10, 2023566

Car firmware can be calibrated for various purposes, such as increasing performance, optimizing fuel consumption and improving overall engine characteristics. You already know about our automatic firmware calibration service. Now it’s time to talk about the new functionality we added — individual calibration.

Individual car firmware calibration is the manual processing of your file by our calibrators to solve any problems, be it disabling errors, whole systems or tuning the car. When can this be useful for you? For example, for some reason you couldn’t find the right automatic solution on our website and instead of wasting time looking for the right specialist (you need to be careful when performing calibration, as it can be dangerous if the procedure is performed by unqualified specialists, making changes to the firmware can lead to serious problems with the car), we offer you to use our experienced calibrator. You also have access to car tuning through individual calibration. Simply put — our technician can perform any order related to manual ecu-file tuning to improve the car’s performance. All work is done quickly, and the price for the service, although it depends on the type of work that needs to be done, will pleasantly surprise you.

Firmware calibration is performed using special software, and also before it is sent to you — it goes through several stages of testing. Only if we are completely confident in the work done — we send you the file. This allows you to be sure of the quality of the work performed.

To make it easier to apply for individual calibration, we have prepared a simple instruction on how to do it.

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