ECUDTC features are avaliable all over the world

May 10, 2023531

We're happy to announce that all features of our website are available to customers all over the world.

We were looking for ways to resume work, and now access to the service is fully restored.

During the time the service was unavailable, we have added the following automatic solutions:

Disabling the immobilizer on Mitsubishi diesel vehicles with the Mitsubishi MH8102 / MH8201 unit

✓ Added solutions for Mazda Gen3 and Gen4 gasoline vehicles

✓ Added disable EGR in HONDA cars with 7055/7058/7059 processing units of any brand

Also you can buy MMC FLASH modules at

Our services are already appreciated by many customers all over the world. We offer solutions based on our own algorithms and developments and competitive prices.

Our team of diagnostics and calibration experts is constantly developing and adding new solutions to the site. Always available to answer any questions and provide support at any stage of your order.

We thank you for choosing us to service your vehicle. If you have any questions or technical support needs, please contact us. We are always happy to help you.

Regards, The team

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